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The Bishops’ Support Unit (BSU) has been established to encourage the optimal psychological, emotional, social and intellectual development of pupils at Bishops and individuals and families in our community.

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The BSU has a number of staff members and you are most welcome to contact us should you wish to make an appointment.


How to study and procrastination is just some of the resources we offer. Have a look at some other resources we offer to help with the development of your child or for you as parent.

What We Also Offer!

The BSU also offers numerous parenting workshops and other support for parents as well as staff development and training.

Latest from the BSU

Development in Adolescence

I was fortunate enough to attend the Professional Minds conference – Insights into Intelligence over the weekend, which got me thinking about how many changes occur in adolescence. From physical brain development to diet influence, it is interesting to consider what these changes mean for our adolescents: The brain prunes away 80% of original neurons before adolescence,… Read More »

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Session 2 – Executive Functioning in Adolescence

Today, the BSU presented Part 2 of the Executive Functioning (EF) talks to the college staff. This talk focused on three elements that play a large role in EF: Activation – Planning, prioritising, organising and initiating action. Adolescents with EF difficulties find it difficult to get started and visualise an action plan. We had a… Read More »

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Mindful parenting

Mindfulness guru Jon Kabat-Zinn (JKZ) says that parenting and family life offer perfect opportunities to practise mindful living. “The deep and constantly changing needs of children are all perfect opportunities for parents to be fully present rather than to operate in the automatic pilot mode, to relate consciously rather than mechanically, to sense the being… Read More »

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Careers Assessments for Grade 11s

Our Life Orientation Department works with all boys in the school to help them with Career Choice and to teach them the skills they will need to plan their careers. The focus here is to provide boys with information about careers and present opportunities for self discovery and self reflection in a group setting. Some… Read More »

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Executive Functioning in Adolescents

  The BSU presented a talk to the staff about Executive Functioning and the implications for learning. This topic has been divided into a series of talks to enable us to grapple with a topic that has gained ground in providing valuable insight into learning. The first talk in the series offered some background research… Read More »

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What is a Psycho-educational Assessment?

What is investigated in the assessment? A test battery (all of the tests and measures used during an assessment) is specially developed according to the specific concerns of each client. Such measures investigate the following areas: Cognitive functioning (e.g., verbal and non-verbal problem-solving abilities, working memory, processing speed and attention control) Scholastic functioning (e.g., reading… Read More »
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Reader Pen

Cynthia Fernandez visited the BSU team in May to promote a product of which she is very passionate. She first came across the Reader Pen when researching tools to assist her own son, who has experienced significant challenges related to dyslexia. The Reader Pen is a portable scanning tool (about the size of a highlighter) used… Read More »

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Dan Pink on Motivation

Interesting clip from RSA Animate summarising Dan Pink’s research on what motivates us.

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Building Resilience

Last term I had the opportunity to talk to the College staff about “Building Resilience”. Here is a summary of that talk. Resilience, which refers to “bouncing back from adversity” or continuing to do well despite significant challenges, has become a buzzword in Psychology and Education. As South Africans we know that we face enormous… Read More »

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