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The BSU has a number of staff members and you are most welcome to contact us during operating hours should you wish to make an appointment.

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The Bishops’ Support Unit (BSU) has been established to encourage the optimal psychological, emotional, social and intellectual development of pupils at Bishops.


"How to study" and "Managing procrastination" are two of the resources we offer. Have a look at our other resources to help with your child's development.

The BSU also offers numerous parenting workshops and other support for parents as well as staff development and training.

How will Chat GPT change the world of Careers?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will by now have heard of ChatGPT and the revolutionary possibilities that it opens up. I gave it a simple task: "Write a post describing how ChatGPT could change the world of Careers". Here is the response (cartoon was...

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Supporting your child through matric

At the beginning of your son’s matric year, it is worthwhile to take stock of your own parenting, and how this impacts your child’s ongoing development. How are you feeling about your son’s matric exams? What are your own personal and family circumstances which will...

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How to Talk to Your Teen about Substance Use

Parents often approach us for parenting advice when it comes to keeping their children safe from substance abuse and 'teenage experimentation'. We know that teens tend to act differently with their friends and that they are pushed and pulled by different forces. On...

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3 Short Videos on Empathy

Here are 3 short videos on what empathy looks like in practice. "Offer Empathy" by Lincoln Middle School, "Under the Surface" by Austin Wideman and "Empathy" by RSA Shorts featuring the voice of Brene Brown.

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If you are in need of a tutor, the BSU makes use of Get Smart Tutors. All the information is on the flyer below.

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Strong Mothers Strong Sons

We are pleased to announce that Megan de Beyer will be running her “Strong Mothers Strong Sons” course again at Bishops in 2021. Please see attached a flyer with details of the course. We invite you to attend the ONLINE version of the "Strong Mothers Strong Sons”...

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Acknowledge, Adjust, Act, Apply, Achieve

As we start the 2021 Academic Year, we can be forgiven for thinking this could be 2020 2.0. After all, we’re in a 2nd Covid wave, we have online schooling (if only for 3 days to start with) and despite the holidays, many parents and students are feeling anxious,...

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Raising a generation of Good Men

As we celebrate National Women’s Day this year, let’s take some time as men (or the parents or educators of young men) to do a few things: Reflect on what we can do (and continue to do) to develop caring young men. Support existing initiatives to combat gender...

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What do you do when your child seeks your validation?

By Nicole Soames (Educational Psychologist) It is important to help your child understand that what THEY think of themselves and their work is way more important than what others think of them. By doing so, we are helping them develop internal validation, so that they...

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