We encourage Grade 11s who are unsure about which career paths or study courses to choose to book an individualised career assessment at the BSU in the first term.

As your son approaches Grade 12 he will be thinking about possible careers and considering options for further study. For some young men this is not a simple matter and they may require some help to make decisions about the next phase of their education.

Technological advances and changes in the world of work occur so rapidly that by the time our boys enter the workplace there are new career options that we have not even imagined. It also clear that many boys will have more than one career over their lifespan and will need to re-educate themselves  and re-direct their careers as the world around them evolves. This reality forces us to challenge conventional notions of “choosing a career” before you leave school or having a “career assessment” to determine what job you should do.

We encourage Grade 11s and 12s to think carefully about their career options while simultaneously viewing career planning as a process which will unfold over the course of their working lives. It is less important for them to choose the “right” career now and more important to choose a broad area of interest (career field), reflect on their aptitudes and interests, think about their needs and values, learn to be flexible and entrepreneurial, and most of all, see learning and planning a career as an ongoing process. Learners’ individual career paths depend on many factors including the opportunities they have, their experiences, personality, values, abilities and aptitudes, affinities and interests, access to financial resources and the attitudes of their parents.

Our Life Orientation Department works with all boys in the school to help them with Career Education and to teach them the skills they will need to plan their careers. The primary focus here is to provide boys with information about careers and present opportunities for self-discovery and self-reflection in a group setting. Some boys find it helpful to augment the work they do in Life Orientation by also having a more individualised career assessment.

The BSU offers a career coaching process which is carried out by the BSU Educational Psychology interns (under the supervision of experienced psychologists). The Career Assessment at the BSU includes:

  • Reflection and self discovery.
  • Psychometric testing of aptitude, personality, interest and values.
  • Generating a list of possible specific careers which match a boy’s interests and abilities.
  • Discussions regarding suitable career fields.
  • Information regarding possible study options and institutions.
  • Feedback to the learner and parents.
  • Follow-up sessions as required.

The cost of this service is  R2,800.  This cost includes the credits for the computerised tests, a comprehensive report and any further follow-ups. Unfortunately cost-constraints mean we are not able to offer this individualised assessment free of charge. Parents with financial constraints can make application for this fee to be reduced.

If you would like to book an assessment for your son, please email Nicky Lewis at nlewis@bishops.org.za