How will Chat GPT change the world of Careers?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will by now have heard of ChatGPT and the revolutionary possibilities that it opens up. I gave it a simple task: "Write a post describing how ChatGPT could change the world of Careers". Here is the response (cartoon was...

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Supporting your child through matric

At the beginning of your son’s matric year, it is worthwhile to take stock of your own parenting, and how this impacts your child’s ongoing development. How are you feeling about your son’s matric exams? What are your own personal and family circumstances which will...

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3 Short Videos on Empathy

Here are 3 short videos on what empathy looks like in practice. "Offer Empathy" by Lincoln Middle School, "Under the Surface" by Austin Wideman and "Empathy" by RSA Shorts featuring the voice of Brene Brown.

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