Letter re Concussion Study from UCT

Consent form for rugby players

Consent form for non-rugby control group

Dear Parents,

Please see the letter attached from the UCT Psychology Dept regarding a Concussion Study that they are running with 16 and 17 year old boys. As a school we are fully aware of the dangers of concussion and urge parents and boys to educate themselves about this issue and and to take every concussion or suspected concussion seriously. The maxim to remember is “When in doubt sit them out”.

We would like to encourage you to participate in the UCT Study, not just because it is adding to the very little data available on concussions in South Africa but also because the organisers are going out of their way to be as accommodating to our boys as possible.

Boys would need to give up one hour of their time (and would be compensated in the form of KAUAI vouchers each time). They would complete a baseline test plus a few emotional measures. If they are concussed during the season then the Study Organisers would follow up with them in the form of a brain scan (at no cost), which would be forwarded to your son’s doctor.

I realise Bishops boys (and parents) are very busy but this is a worthwhile initiative which will be beneficial to your boys as well as to other rugby players who might be concussed in future.

You can email me at pfarlam@bishops.org.za if your son would like to participate and I will forward to Dr Leigh Schrieff-Elson.

Kind regards
Pete Farlam (Head of the BSU)