Dear young men of Bishops and parents

It’s quite normal to be feeling overwhelmed at this time, both because of the uncertainties around Covid-19 and the many demands of directing your own learning, managing family relationships, staying fit and just keeping a healthy outlook on everything.

At the BSU we are available for online support, but we will also be posting some general advice here and some links from experts.

Today here are 10 tips to help establish some more control over your circumstances.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. Identifying and expressing your feelings allows you to choose how to respond to them, and also stops you from dwelling on unhelpful worries.
  1. Keep a journal. Writing helps us to identify thoughts and feelings, set goals and also to get perspective. Keeping a daily gratitude journal has proven health benefits. If writing is not for you then doodle or draw.
  1. Follow a daily routine. Routine provides structure which is comforting and containing.
  1. Put yourself in the driving seat. Establish control in small but significant ways. Clean your room for example. A tidy workspace will make you feel more in control.
  1. Balance your work with activities that you really enjoy or that are meaningful for you. Reading, playing games (board games or online games), making music.
  1. Help others. Whether this is helping to reassure others, checking in with family and friends, or just being considerate of others, this will also help you to feel better. You can also donate online to others in need.
  1. Practise your cooking. Apart from braaing, real men can learn a range of useful cooking skills – from making pizza, baking bread or getting creative with simple ingredients.
  1. Choose an intimidating exercise you can do at home and do it every day. Fifty push-ups and sit-ups?
  1. Learn meditation and mindfulness. There are some great apps like Headspace.
  1. Explore new music. Now is the time to widen your playlists. Explore new genres.

Special message to this year’s matrics

We also recommend reading the “Open Letter to Year 12 Students” from the Australian motivational speaker and author Glen Gerreyn. He has some excellent advice for the matrics in what promises to be a quite different final year for them.

Advice for parents from a local parenting expert

Megan de Beyer has some wise words on surviving lockdown with teenage boys. Check out her latest post at Parent24.

Keep well and stay sane 🙂