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The BSU has a number of staff members and you are most welcome to contact us during operating hours should you wish to make an appointment.

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The Bishops’ Support Unit (BSU) has been established to encourage the optimal psychological, emotional, social and intellectual development of pupils at Bishops.


"How to study" and "Managing procrastination" are two of the resources we offer. Have a look at our other resources to help with your child's development.

The BSU also offers numerous parenting workshops and other support for parents as well as staff development and training.

25 Fun Activities for parents to do with kids at home

With South Africa being 59+ days into Lockdown, it can be increasingly difficult to stay positive and find something to look forward to. Nicole Soames, Educational Psychologist at the Pre-Prep this year, suggests that parents find some fun activities to motivate both...

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Creating a calm corner at home

by Nicole Soames                            Is your child feeling frustrated, or perhaps feeling anxious now with possibly returning to school? A ‘calm corner’ may help your child with these big feelings. What is a calm corner? A calm corner is a specific agreed upon...

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Setting limits for screen time

How parents can manage the recreational use of electronic devices by Laura Cook (Educational Psychologist) Lockdown has resulted in dining room tables becoming boardrooms, and bedrooms, classrooms.  Electronic devices are a necessity as the medium for work, education...

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Stress management tips

Every week the BSU will be posting some useful tips. This week we have three. First, check out the BSU Instagram page here Second, check out Aliece van der Merwe's short sensory meditation below [video width="848" height="480"...

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Feel, move, breathe … and other tips from the experts

Dear young men of Bishops and parents It’s quite normal to be feeling overwhelmed at this time, both because of the uncertainties around Covid-19 and the many demands of directing your own learning, managing family relationships, staying fit and just keeping a healthy...

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Careers Assessments for Grade 11s

We encourage Grade 11s who are unsure about which career paths or study courses to choose to book an individualised career assessment at the BSU in the first term. As your son approaches Grade 12 he will be thinking about possible careers and considering options for...

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In a post published in KQED's Mindshift (August 12, 2015), entitled 'What do students lose by being perfect? Valuable failure', Holly Korbey investigates the danger of striving for perfection and the fear of failure that ensues. The article is reproduced below. In the...

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Calming exam anxiety

This morning I had the opportunity to talk to the 2019 matrics about "Calming Exam Anxiety" ahead of their mock matric exams starting next week. The powerpoint is attached. The message can be summed up in a few sentences: Anxiety is normal. Accept it, acknowledge what...

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