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The BSU has a number of staff members and you are most welcome to contact us during operating hours should you wish to make an appointment.

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The Bishops’ Support Unit (BSU) has been established to encourage the optimal psychological, emotional, social and intellectual development of pupils at Bishops.


"How to study" and "Managing procrastination" are two of the resources we offer. Have a look at our other resources to help with your child's development.

The BSU also offers numerous parenting workshops and other support for parents as well as staff development and training.

Parent Evening – The ADHD Advantage

Dear Parents, Please take note of an exciting PARENT EVENING coming up soon, hosted by Professional Minds, who run very informative presentations - THE ADHD ADVANTAGE.    Please contact the organisers directly to book your spot.

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Teens who game too much: Resources for Parents

Many parents are concerned with the amount of time that their pre-teens and teens spend playing video games, whether it be on consoles such as X-box, on PCs or on their smartphones. The phenomenal popularity of the game Fortnite in particular has had many parents...

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The Bishops College staff explored the concept of CONNECTION this morning in a Staff Development session. As a psychologist, connection is essential to my work and is very near to my heart. Here is a link to the powerpoint - the 'notes' section outlines each point a...

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ADHD - Unlocking Strengths Series   These articles have been assembled from a variety of interesting sources that highlight the many strengths of those diagnosed with Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as provide mainstream and alternative...

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Social and Emotional Skills Group for Teenagers

Dear Parents Some teenagers sail through their adolescence with hardly any issues. Others struggle a bit more - whether it is in making and keeping friendships, negotiating conflict with their peers or other relationships. If you are interested in your teenager (boy...

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Exam Study – Flashcards

In our series of Exam Study posts (see Exam Study - Getting Organised and Exam Study 2 - Scheduling Study Time) , we have worked through some important study skills, with some practical examples to implement in your preparation for exams.  Today we will look at a...

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Upcoming parenting workshops

Dear parents,   Please take note of interesting PARENTING WORKSHOPS coming up soon, hosted by the Foundations for Life team. They can be contacted directly at the details provided. 

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Dictation feature on Microsoft Word – SPEAK!

There is a feature on Microsoft Word that can dictate typed text! SPEAK is great for studying, proof-reading essays, or negotiating current or past papers!    *Compatible with: Word for Office 365, Outlook for Office 365, PowerPoint for Office 365, Word 2019,...

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Exam Study 2

In part 2 of our Exam Study posts, we have a look at SCHEDULING STUDY TIME. Parents often ask us for how long children should be studying in one stretch - This really can differ from student to student. You may have a student who gets really absorbed in the material...

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Exam Study

As end-of-year exams approach, the BSU thought it would be useful to include a series on the BSU website on different study tips and tricks.       The BSU runs Study Skills Workshops during the term, and you can read more about them...

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