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What do you do when your child seeks your validation? - By Nicole Soames (Educational Psychologist) It is important to help your child understand that what THEY think of themselves and their work is way more important than what others think of them. By doing so, we are helping them develop internal validation, so that they stop seeking this elsewhere and from other people. Our brains are wired to seek validation… Read More
Coping with the return to school and raising resilient children -   by Nicole Soames (Educational Psychologist, Bishops Pre-Prep) Returning to school after being in Lockdown for many weeks can be an unsettling experience for some of our children. School as we once knew it is very different. How we adapt to change such as this sheds light on our ability to be resilient in the… Read More
25 Fun Activities for parents to do with kids at home - With South Africa being 59+ days into Lockdown, it can be increasingly difficult to stay positive and find something to look forward to. Nicole Soames, Educational Psychologist at the Pre-Prep this year, suggests that parents find some fun activities to motivate both parents and kids to thrive during the time spent at home. We are… Read More
Creating a calm corner at home - by Nicole Soames                            Is your child feeling frustrated, or perhaps feeling anxious now with possibly returning to school? A ‘calm corner’ may help your child with these big feelings. What is a calm corner? A calm corner is a specific agreed upon… Read More